Trezor T Hardware Wallet

The Trezor T model is the second generation of Trezor's popular hardware wallet and is manufactured by SatoshiLabs. 

The release of the Trezor T was announced in November 2017 to mark the ninth anniversary of Bitcoin's white paper and was immediately started with the pre-orders. All devices available in advance were sold out. 

An overview
The Trezor T is the size of a matchbox and is equipped with USB C cables for connection to a computer or smartphone. 

The device only works when connected to a computer and connects to the blockchain via the web interface. Unlike previous models of the Trezor with buttons, the Trezor T model is equipped with a touch screen. 

Other differences include a new version of Trezor Core firmware that has been completely redesigned. The source code Trezor Core is available on Github. 

The new device comes complete with a magnetic docking station that can be attached to any solid surface. The Trezor T model can then adhere to it with the aid of built-in magnets. 

Once the firmware is properly installed, the process of creating a new wallet begins. The website gives step-by-step instructions that are displayed synchronously on the device's screen. 

Once a new wallet is created, the user should immediately follow the instructions to make a backup copy in the form of a personal recovery seed. The Trezor T model generates a unique combination of 12 words that are displayed on the device screen.

The user must write these words on a special card (there are two such cards in the box if one is lost). The device then randomly selects two words and prompts the user to enter them on the screen for verification. 

The combination of 12 words makes it possible to restore the contents of the Wallet in the event of damage or loss of the Hardware Wallet. And this is the only way users can recover the crypto currency. 

Of course, attackers can do the same if they have access to the seed, so it is important to follow the recommendations: "It is necessary to place the card in a safe place... We strongly recommend that you do not photograph the map or make any digital copies. Please do not write words into a text file on your computer, even if the computer is protected. " 

The next step is to set the device name and enter the digital PIN code via the touch screen. An important element of protection at this stage is that the layout of the numeric keypad on the display changes with each entry. 

Use of the Hardware Wallet
Now the Trezor-T is ready for use. 

Besides Bitcoin, the user can also store other crypto currencies on the Hardware Wallet. Trezor T supports Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash Ether and Ethereum Classic (both in partnership with the MyEtherWallet). 

Trezor-T has been tested as a Bitcoin wallet and is one of the safest ways users can store a crypto currency. 

If the Trezor-T is not connected to the computer, it turns off and disconnects from the Internet. Thus, the user's resources are stored on the device out of the reach of intruders. 

This device is reliable and compact, with the size of a matchbox it represents a memory for the crypto currencies. 

Of course, it is important to keep the seed card separate from the device where it cannot be found by strangers. 

In general, Trezor-T is practical and comfortable. Initial setup may seem complicated for some users, but most crypto currency enthusiasts will manage the installation of the drivers manually. 

After setting up the Trezor Model T, the Hardware Wallet is very easy to use, it has a practical interface and wonderful new features.