Our payment conditions

With amazon payments, you can use the deposited payment and shipping information in your Amazon account to shop quickly and securely on our website.
Secure - all transactions are secure and the payment information will not be handed over to us.
Quick and comfortable - Realize your purchases quickly, without having to enter your shipping and billing information every time. Pay quickly and easily without having to leave our website.
Familiar - Paying via Amazon offers you the same payment environment which is available on Amazon.
Reliable - Enjoy the buyer protection that Amazon offers with the A-to-Z guarantee. If you pay via Amazon, then the A-to-Z guarantee will enter into force regarding the state of the purchased goods and a speedy delivery (not for gift cards).

Banküberweisung Vorkasse
Bank details from Germany and the EU in EURO:
Account holder: Hula-hoop-shop.eu Scharkov e.K.
IBAN: DE11 7215 0000 0053 6455 03
Credit institution: Sparkasse Ingolstadt

PostFinance for our Swiss Franc (CHF) account:
IBAN: CH12 0900 0000 6196 2729 7
Account holder: Hula-hoop-shop.eu Scharkov e.K.
Credit Institution: PostFinance

Please understand that we do not take any bank charges.
The account is located in Switzerland, therefore a domestic transfer is required if you want to pay from Switzerland.

Bank details for our British Pound (GBP) account:
IBAN: DE35721500000030002000
Account holder: Hula-hoop-shop.eu Scharkov e.K.
Credit Institution: Sparkasse Ingolstadt
Address of the bank: Rathausplatz 6
Postcode of the bank: 85049 Ingolstadt

Important- please note! Upon payment, please enter your name and use your specific order number. The ordered goods will be shipped immediately after receiving the money.

Paypal Zahlung

Pay with Paypal: paypal@save-your-bitcoins.com

Creditcard payment - Visa or Mastercard

Sofort Überweisung Zahlung
With the TÜV-certified payment system SOFORT Überweisung you can, thanks to PIN & TAN, without registration, easily and securely pay with your usual online banking data.

We also offer the following additional payment for you as an online transfer for the most different countries:


We now offer all customers a payment in CHF (Swiss Francs) and GBP (Pound Sterling). You need to change the currency on your desired currency for only this you accomplish easily, by clicking on our website in the currency CHF / GBP / EUR on the top right.

This all cost factors (product prices, payment costs, shipping costs) in the corresponding currencies are converted.Our system retrieves 1x daily, late afternoon, the current market value of the ECB (European Central Bank). The standard currency in our shop is EUR, but we do not charge any additional fees or mark-ups, if you want to pay in another currency. However we would like to point out the daily fluctuations in the markets are not considered in us as we match the exchange rate with the ECB only 1x daily.

Please note that we do not all payment provider accept all currencies. A shipping address and payment, for example, with "pay cash" is not possible in Germany with other currency, change it again to EUR back, the currency of your country of dispatch.

Last update: 13.03.2019 / Klarna CC