Benefits of a Ledger Hardware Wallet
Cryptocurrencys and Blockchains are booming, but not everyone keeps their coins safe. Instead of letting its cryptocurrencies on exchanges (so-called crypto exchanges like Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex or Binance), it's wise to worry about a Ledger Hardware Wallet.

The Ethereum Wallet and Bitcoin Wallet in one: Ledger Hardware Wallet
With a Ledger Hardware Wallet you have Bitcoin Wallet and Ethereum Wallet in one: Here it is possible to keep several Cryptocurrencys at the same time. At the push of a button, your own private key is entered and, according to the manufacturer, safe even with infected systems! While preserving multiple cryptocurrencies is also possible at Exchanges, it is not really safe: Not only are Exchanges exposed to permanent hacker attacks, it is also possible for a trading platform to become insolvent. In such a case, your own investment is in danger, as you can learn from the hacking and insolvency incident of the Exchange "Mt. Gox". Even if you believe in this new blockchain technology, you should not trust traders completely, but manage your own cryptocurren- cies yourself - that's not complicated and is also an advantage of these currencies. With a Ledger Hardware Wallet, your own Bitcoin Wallets are first and foremost certainly, because private data is not visible to third parties.

The Risks Without Ledger Hardware Wallet

    * Hackers can attack their own system
      Using so-called keyloggers and other malicious content on the home system, hackers could gain access to their bitcoins.
    * Hackers can attack an Exchange
      Krypto Exchanges are currently high on the list and are popular hacker targets.
    * Bankruptcy of an exchange
      A stock exchange can file for bankruptcy or stop trading at short notice.
    * Technical failure
      Again and again, there are payout delays, even on major stock exchanges. These delays can also hit customers at unfavorable times. Even that can not happen with a Ledger Hardware Wallet.