Affiliate Program

Become a partner and get 5% on every sale (PPS Pay Per Sale).

How do I become an affiliate partner?
It's easy.
Create a normal account in the shop and send us a support ticket.
After verification, the account will be added to the affiliate program and displayed directly in your account.
This link can be used anywhere: on your own website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram → wherever you want. Please note, however, that we are strictly against any spam and you are responsible for it.

Why getting a affiliate partner:
.) 5% commission per item sold, on all items including special offers
.) Support at any time via ticket system available
.) Many products and wallets available, deep links are allowed and desired
.) a variety of payment options for the customer, including accounting → increases the graduation rate enormously
.) Free shipping in Germany already from 50 Euro.

As soon as a verified purchase * is concluded, you will receive the amount credited to the partner account after expiry of the withdrawal period.

Deep Links:
You want to link directly to a product?
Of course, this is very useful for your visitors.

Our affiliate links look like this:
do you want now eg. link to the CoolWallet S, the link is:
then simply hang the parameter on the back:

The parameter is ?btc=NAME - you can hang that on, on every of our website.

NAME is of course symbolic of the parameter we have provided.
Of course, using Shortener does not pose a problem.

No SEM guidelines. Cashback and incentivized traffic is allowed.

Pictures and descriptive texts:
You are allowed to use our pictures, after prior information and written (mail) approval from us, on our sites, as well as our logo.
Unfortunately, we can not give any description to u, also excerpts from our descriptions may not be used on your pages, here there are unfortunately no exceptions.

Everyone can sign up for our affiliate program, be it commercial or private.
Commercial customers have to send us an invoice and - if no small business regulation applies - they must quote the VAT.

A few technical information:
Commission statement every 14 days (right of withdrawal)
Cookie Runtime: fair 30 days
Commission calculation of net value, excluding shipping costs, every 14 days, as requested by you (just send a ticket).

Payment already from 50 Euro commission share.

Of course, any self-promotion is not permitted and these sales are not reimbursed.

* verified purchase
The order is fully paid, delivered and no right of withdrawal was claimed.